Tax Assessment Rolls Available: Open Book & Board of Review Info

The Town of Vernon Tax Assessment Rolls are now available and can be found under the Assessor's Department:  TOV 2017 Tax Assessment Rolls.

If a property owner feels that their assemssment is in error or questions the amount of their assessment, Open Book is where they should begin.  This session is very important and allows the property owner to meet with the Town's Assessor to discuss how the Assessor has calculated the assessment of the property in question.  Please contact the Town Assessor to schedule your appointment for Open Book by calling 262-542-3332 or email Cal Magnan at

Open Book
Monday - May 1, 2017
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Vernon Town Hall
Call 262-542-3332 for Appointment

Board of Review allows the property owner to come and present their findings to the Board of Review when the property owner feels the Assessor has not provided the property owner with sufficient information on how the assessment was determined.

Board of Review
Monday - May 22, 2017
Vernon Town Hall