Village of Big Bend Plan Commission - Discussion, Consideration & Feedback on Property located at S71W23645 National Avenue - Meeting 3/22/18

As a courtesy to our residents we would like to pass on the following information:

Village of Big Bend
Plan Commission Meeting
Thursday - March 22, 2018 at 7:00pm
Village Hall - W230S9185 Nevins Street

VBB Agenda: INFO

"c.  Discussion, consideration and feedback to the applicant and staff regarding the preliminary Plan of Operation, Site Plan, Grading, Drainage and Stormwater plans for an “asset liquidation services” use including a 3,000+ space on-grade storage area for used damaged and undamaged, operable and inoperable automobiles, trucks, other vehicles, trailers, watercraft, power sports and industrial/construction equipment in support of the proposed use. Applicant is Copart of Connecticut in c/o Brian Randall. Property is located at S71 W23645 National Avenue. Property is owned by Vernon Associates Development Partnership. Property is Zoned B-3 General Business District."