Brush Pick-Up Begins April 30th (Center Drive & East) & May 7th (West of Center)

Begins First Week in May 2018
April 30, 2018 - Pick-Up Begins On Center and East of Center
May 7, 2017 - Pick-Up Begins West of Center
Open Burning & Burn Permit: Info
Yard Waste & Composting: Info
In Spring and Fall of every year, the Town of Vernon conducts brush pick-up. Brush pick-up is for typical tree trimming and NOT major tree-removal or property clearing. If the Town determines that your brush exceeds normal practices, it will refuse pick-up. Please use a professional tree service for tree-removal/property clearing debris. For efficient service and safety, we ask that you please follow these guidelines:
  • Have all branches at the roadside the Sunday before it is scheduled (April 30th East of Center & May 7th West of Center for the Spring 2018 Pick-Up)
  • Brush must be no larger than six (6) inches in diameter and no longer than 12 feet.
  • Place brush near the edge of the road.
  • Please, do not spread out the brush. 
  • The bundles must be stacked near the edge of the road with the largest diameter facing towards the road. 
  • There is a time limitation of 20 minutes per household. 
  • Unfortunately, if you do not have your brush at roadside when they do go through, we are unable to come back.  
Please call the Department of Public Works @ 262-662-7785 with any questions you may have.  
We offer free Wood Chips & Delivery to residents, simple complete an authorization form via website or at the Town Hall. Deliveries are Monday thru Friday. 
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